Warp Drive Propellers Inc. LogoThe Warp Drive factory has been proudly building propellers in the USA for over 28 years. Our company president, Dale Kjellsen, has been involved in the light aircraft industry for even longer.  He was the original founder and designer of the Tierra line of aircraft through much of the '80's.  His design is still being built in Iowa today.  Daryl Heinemann, who handles the day to day operations, has been with the company for over 25 years.  Daryl will be the one you speak with on the telephone or correspond with emails for all of your orders, quotations, installation questions or other tech help.  Our factory is located in Ventura, Iowa which is in the north central region of the state in the Midwest.

3 bld prop HPL hubOur first solid carbon fiber blades were built in late 1990 and we continue to provide the only solid carbon propeller blades on the market today.  This construction has proven itself by providing excellent performance and superior strength and durability.  Over the years we regularly see some of the first serial numbered props get shipped back to our factory for repairs.  It is very common to correspond with the customer and hear that the propeller has thousands of hours of use.  We have customers that have documented over 15,000 hours of use on one propeller!  We often hear of foreign objects hitting the blades and doing some damage.  This ranges anywhere from rocks, rain, snow or birds on a tractor mounted prop to rocks, gas caps, exhaust springs or bolts on a pusher mounted prop.  Many of our customers are using the propellers in some very harsh conditions such as flying in rain, flying on floats or flying off of very dusty/sandy conditions.  Some of the harshest conditions the propellers encounter are on airboats.  The props on airboats are likely to induce heavy water spray, sand, vegetation, tree branches and other foreign objects(some things we have heard of: air cleaners, exhaust manifold bolts, frog gigging poles, coolers, etc.).  Small nicks and dings in the propeller blades can be fixed by the customer right in the field.  Propellers with more severe damage can be shipped back to our factory for inspection and possible repair or replacement.

PM Aviation Quik GT450We pride ourselves on serial numbering every propeller we've ever built and are able to trace its history with this number.  This serial number will tell us when the prop was built, who it was originally sold to, what type of craft and engine it was ordered for and whether it has ever been repaired or any replacement blades have ever been provided.  If a blade is damaged beyond repair, we can refer back to our serial number system and match a replacement blade to the original specs and get you back in service for much less than the cost of a complete new propeller.

We look forward to working with customers on providing quotes for new propellers, discussing possible repairs or helping customers set up new prop installations.  Feel free to go to the Contacts tab on the home page and either call, fax or email us with any questions or comments.

Zenair CH701 Skiplane - Mark Hagen

Panther Airboat - Counter Rotator

Warp Drive Inc. is an American manufacturer of composite propellers for ultralight aircraft, ultralight trikes, light-sport aircraft, amateur-built aircraft, gyrocopter, airboats and other non-certified applications. The company is based in Ventura, Iowa.