3-Blade Propeller with HP Hub


Complete 3-blade propeller with HP hub (blades are shown with optional nickel leading edge).
All props require the outer faceplate which must be ordered separately.


Includes 3 blades, HP hub, Protractor, Stoneguard leading-edge kit, and assembly instructions.
REQUIRED: Outer 3/8″ faceplate available separately.

3-Blade Propeller with HP Hub

Propeller Configuration

Standard C Blades (included)

Typical applications for the Std blades in the HP hub are for lower horsepower engines(99hp or under) that use a larger bolt pattern. Examples are the Subaru EA81, the Revmasters, and the CAM100.

Upgrade to H Blades

Typical applications for the HP blades in the HP hub are for higher horsepower engines or all direct drive engines with higher firing impulses. Examples are all Continental, Lycoming, Corvair, Franklin, Mazda and Subaru engines such as the EJ22 and higher.

Propeller Diameter (inches): *

Nickel Leading Edge Protection – $85/blade:

Tapered Blade Platform – $85/blade:

Painted Tips – $15/blade:

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Propeller Orientation

When you stand behind your vehicle, facing the vehicle, the propeller rotates

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