Information - Nickel Leading-Edge

Nickel leading edge protection can be added on propeller ordering page.


All Warp Drive propellers are available with an inlaid nickel leading edge for protection against heavy abrasion.  The solid carbon fiber blades themselves are extremely durable in normal operating conditions.  If you are operating in heavy abrasive conditions such as dust, sand and especially water conditions(rain, floats, airboats, etc.) then the nickel leading edges are a must.  Warp Drive has conducted extensive water abrasion testing with various propeller makes and models to compare with our nickel protected blades.  We are so confident with our nickel protection that WE GUARANTEE THE NICKEL LEADING EDGES AGAINST WATER ABRASION FOREVER!  The nickel edges do get damaged from foreign object strikes.  If the nickel edge is simply dented, it can be tapped back into shape very easily by the customer.  If it gets punctured from the strike, you can ship the blades back to our factory for repair and rebalance.