Warp Drive prop repair

As we get closer to spring weather (hopefully sooner than later!), now is a great time to think ahead and have your propeller serviced.  If you don't fly in the winter months or if you have some time while you are doing other maintenance, it is an opportune time to send your blades back to be repaired.  We can inspect the blades, perform any repairs that may be needed, then re-paint and re-balance the blades to factory new specs.   This work can usually be done in approximately a week to ten days once the blades are received.  We can provide a quotation for the work that is needed upon arrival of the blades.  If you plan on sending your blades for repair, go to the Downloads section or click here Repair_Credit Form.  Fill this out and send it inside the box with the blades so we have your contact details.

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