Do Warp Drive propellers actually "warp?"

It depends on your definition of "warp."
Of course, there is some blade flex under loading but in general, no, Warp Drive propellers are some of, if not, the stiffest composite propellers on the market.

What is the turnaround time for propeller repairs?

Average repair times vary depending on the extent of the damage.
Once we receive your damaged parts we can assess the damage and know more accurately. The average turn-around time is 15 working days.

Where are Warp Drive propellers manufactured?

Warp Drive propellers are proudly made in the United States in Ventura, Iowa. You can find all of our contact information HERE.

If I only damaged one of my propeller blades, do I need to send them all in for repair?

Yes, and send the hub too.
Please ship each blade and the hub components so that they can be inspected, repaired, refinished, cleaned, and balanced as a complete set after the repair is done.
The hub needs to be returned, especially if a blade has been broken-off in a hub.
If you have any questions please contact us HERE.

What can I download from your website?

You can find any of our instruction pages that will cover your propeller in the Downloads section by clicking HERE.

If you cannot find what you need or have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us.

How do I qualify for the $100 trade-in-credit?

Retail customers can receive $100.00 (USD) off the purchase of a new Warp Drive propeller if you send us your old propeller. The trade-in propeller must be in relatively good shape, not broken into multiple pieces. You can go to the Downloads section and print off a Repair/Credit form by clicking HERE. Fill out and send this form with your trade-in propeller and we will apply the credit to your purchase.

How do I use a protractor to set the propeller blade pitch?

Go to the Downloads section by clicking HERE and download the Warp Drive Protractor Instructions. Please contact us if you require more assistance.

Is this the factory website?

Yes. There many knowledgeable dealers with their own websites selling Warp Drive products, but this is the factory website.

When you use the contact information listed HERE you will be communicating directly with us.