3-Blade Complete Propeller with HPL Hub



Available Separately

  • (Required) 1/4-in Thick Faceplate: LINK
  • 8mm Mounting Bolts: LINK

Note: Photos show blades with optional nickel leading-edge protection and tapered blade tips.

3-Blade Complete Propeller with HPL Hub

Propeller Configuration

Propeller Diameter (inches): *

Custom diameters are available.

Nickel Leading-Edge Protection

Highly recommended for flying in rain, sandy conditions, and for all amphibious vehicles.
$110 per blade.

Tapered Blade Tips

This modification increases cruise performance by allowing the blades to be set at a higher pitch.
$90 per blade.

Painted Tips

$45 per blade.

Vehicle Type

Propeller Orientation

When you stand behind the vehicle, facing the vehicle, the propeller rotates… *

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Make, Model, Max Speed, Cruise Speed, Max Allowable Prop Diameter, etc.
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Please Enter Engine Specifications *

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Reduction Drive Type *

Reduction Drive Ratio *

Bolt Pattern:

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