Replacement Blade – C


(1) Replacement C Propeller Blade
Typical Applications: 2 and 4 stroke engines such as Rotax, Viking, Hirth, Polini, MZ, Cuyuna, Kawasaki and Subaru engines under 100hp.
Serial Number required to purchase individual blades.

Optional: Nickel leading-edge and Tapered Blade Planform

Replacement Blade – C

Propeller Configuration

Replacement Blade Serial Number

If you are ordering a single or multiple replacement blades to match your existing blades, enter your existing blade serial number here. Blade serial numbers will start with the letters C, N or T. One blade from the original set will have a serial number tag with this number or it is written on the hub end of all the blades.

Nickel Leading Edge Protection – $110/blade:

Tapered Blade Platform – $90/blade:

Painted Tips ($45/blade):

Propeller Diameter (inches): *

Vehicle Type

Propeller Orientation

When you stand behind your vehicle, facing the vehicle, the propeller rotates

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