2-Blade Complete Propeller with HP Hub


Includes 2 Propeller Blades, Complete HP hub, Protractor, Stoneguard leading-edge kit and documentation.

REQUIRES: Outer 3/8-in SAE Faceplate (available separately).

NOT INCLUDED: Propeller Mounting Bolts (available separately).

2-Blade Complete Propeller with HP Hub

Propeller Configuration

C Blades of H Blades? *

Standard C blades are for lower horsepower engines (99hp or less). H blades are for higher horsepower engines (100hp+) as well as all direct drive engines such as Continental, Lycoming, Corvair, Franklin.

Propeller Diameter (inches) *

Nickel Leading-Edge Protection – $85/blade:

Tapered Blade Platform – $85/blade:

Painted Tips – $30/blade:

Vehicle Type *

Propeller Orientation

When you stand behind your vehicle, facing the vehicle, the propeller rotates

Please Enter Vehicle Specifications *

Make, Model, Max Speed, Cruise Speed, Max Allowable Prop Diameter, etc

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Reduction Drive Type

Reduction Drive Ratio

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Bolt Pattern

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